Colorado Wild recently sent the last of your 1,856 petition signatures to Congressman Salazar regarding the proposed legislative land exchange. Thankfully, after hearing from many of you, and after holding his own meeting in Alamosa to discuss the issue with key stakeholders, Congressman Salazar is encouraging Mr. McCombs to undertake a thorough Environmental Impact Statement through the U.S. Forest Service.

Without your help, this would not have been possible, and Mr. McCombs might be well on his way toward Congressional approval of his land exchange proposal. A proposal that the U.S. Forest Service believes is “not in the public interest.” Thank you for your interest, participation, and stamina in this long-term fight.

Colorado Wild continues to believe that the U.S. Forest Service’s administrative review process is the appropriate venue for the public to see its questions and concerns addressed and for an informed decision to be rendered regarding the proposed land exchange and any associated development.

Despite more than 25 years of controversy, the proposed Village at Wolf Creek project has never received the fair, transparent, and honest appraisal that the public deserves. This land exchange proposal, and in particular, any effort to approve or facilitate it via legislation, would have continued this unfortunate legacy. That is why we are encouraged that Congressman Salazar is forgoing legislative involvement in this land exchange at this time.

Please take a minute to thank Congressman Salazar yourself for opting not to support a legislative land exchange despite significant pressure from Mr. McCombs and his lobbyists.


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