In a Nov. 23 statement, Congressman John Salazar stated that a project the size and scope of the Village at Wolf Creek “cannot continue”. Salazar stated that “At the end of the day, I just don’t see how a project of this scope and size can continue. I’ve taken the time to meet with the involved parties, ask questions, and gather information about the proposed development… the development brings the threat of dangerous roads, contaminated water, and harm to the very wildlife and landscape that makes this area so unique. I will not support a project that hurts the community I represent.”

Earlier this fall, Mr. Salazar met with the Forest Service and asked for a written response to numerous questions. Driven by major political pressure, the Forest Service continues to rationalize that it must grant access to billionaire developer Red McCombs, and his front-man Bob Honts, despite clear legal ability to enforce conditions of the 1986 land exchange that simply disallow the development as currently proposed.


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