Columnist: Dan Olson, San Juan Citizens Alliance, The Durango Herald
January 20, 2016

When will the fight over Wolf Creek Pass end?

This past weekend, The Durango Herald broke a story about document destruction, collusion and continued avoidance of public transparency requirements that plague the latest iteration of the slow-moving train wreck otherwise known as the proposed Village at Wolf Creek.

Public comment on the continued controversy has vacillated between righteous indignation and “why am I not surprised to hear that?” Personally, I travel the space between those two polls in any given minute.

To understand this never-ending saga, let me introduce you to a rock and a hard place.

The rock: It is highly unlikely that an Environmental Impact Statement would ever deem an 8,000-person development high on the continental divide – a development that would sit in the middle of a key wildlife migration corridor, critical lynx habitat and adjacent to rare fen wetlands – in the public interest. This likelihood is further reduced when one considers regional public opinion, which is overwhelming against the development.

The hard place: One of the richest men in American wants to build said 8,000-person development.

Lots of parties are caught between this proverbial rock and wealthy hard place, none perhaps as painfully as the U.S. Forest Service.

Read the full article at The Durango Herald.

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