By: Hannah Grover, Farmington Daily Times
October 7, 2016

A 159-page brief filed in federal District Court of Colorado about a development at Wolf Creek Pass alleges the U.S. Forest Service unlawfully limited the scope of the environmental analysis while considering a land transfer.

The U.S. Forest Service approved a proposal to trade approximately 205 federal acres for 177 acres of private land in 2015. The land transfer would allow a developer from Texas to build a village near the Wolf Creek Ski Area.

While the land transfer was approved in 2015, development of the Village at Wolf Creek has been on hold due to a lawsuit filed by a coalition of four environmental groups known as Friends of Wolf Creek.

Matt Sandler, an attorney with Rocky Mountain Wild, one of those groups, said there are two main things the coalition is highlighting in the brief. The first item the brief addresses is the U.S. Forest Service’s claim that it was legally required to approve the land transfer to allow the developer access to private property. The brief alleges that by evaluating only the access to the property, the U.S. Forest Service did not adequately address the environmental impact of the development of the Village at Wolf Creek.

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