Column by: Dan Olson, San Juan Citizens Alliance, The Durango Herald
November 18, 2015

Let’s talk numbers.

22: inches of fresh snow Wolf Creek Ski Area reported as of Wednesday morning.

69,701: pages of public records opponents of the Pillage at Wolf Creek just received from the federal government.

2: over-caffeinated lawyers reading those 69,701 pages so we can knock some sense into the Forest Service in court and save Wolf Creek Pass.

There’s nothing quite like pulling back the veil on arcane and obscured processes used by a small cadre of federal employees determined to ignore the public interest. To see what we’ve always known they were hiding in Technicolor, what can I say? It’s like mashing up blinding rage with righteous elation. Exhausting with an afterglow.

The stuff we’re wading through – the internal memos, the email correspondences, the general internal dysfunction used to justify giving treasured and ecologically-vital public land to a Texas billionaire – it’s juicy.

Read the full article at The Durango Herald.

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