By: Peter Miesler, The Durango Herald
September 27, 2012

The long-awaited draft environmental impact statement for Red McCombs’ land swap offer is out, and the official comment period ends Sunday. Unfortunately, it feels like folks have given up the fight and accepted that “the fix is in.” And indeed, the flawed Environmental Impact Statement leans heavily toward granting the trade, thus virtually guaranteeing that portions of the Alberta Park watershed will get bulldozed.

However, considering Alberta Park now is under heavy attack by bark beetles and turning into a dead forest before our eyes, it seems that the notion of a Village at Wolf Creek is more preposterous than ever – though the developer is the last to notice – and that the need for an unmolested watershed is greater than ever.

We regular people have been granted this one window of opportunity to voice our reasoned objections to this billionaire’s pipe dream and boondoggle in the making. At, you can learn more about the many flaws and omissions in the draft EIS. If you are concerned about the future of this Rio Grande River Basin watershed, please become informed and make the effort to submit your official comments to the DEIS authors. Time is running out.

As for the notion that the fix is in: Maybe it is, but that still should not stop us from taking advantage of this one opportunity to offer our objections in a forum where the Rio Grande National Forest must respond. Who knows, if enough people make the effort to explain to the DEIS authors why this land swap and drive to build a speculative village at 10,500 feet should be rejected, we might succeed.

One thing is for sure: If you don’t contact the Forest Service, it will never hear you. Please give it a try. Visit for more information.

Peter Miesler

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