By: Peter Miesler, The Pagosa Daily Post
September 4, 2012

EDITOR’S NOTE: The U.S. Forest Service recently released its draft “Village at Wolf Creek Access Project” Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which you can download here. It’s 567 pages long, (56MB) so please be patient with the download.

Regarding the “Village at Wolf Creek Access” draft Environmental Impact Study, it’s interesting when it comes to the Bark Beetle devastating that forest or when it comes to Climate Change already creating drought conditions with numerous government sponsored studies warning us to prepare for worse… the VWC-EIS tells us these issues are unknowable non-issues, off in the some unknowable future.

Yet when they want to paint a rosy developer-friendly impression, they can do it with confidence — going out to the 2040s.

That’s what has turned this whole VWC-EIS drama into such a fascinating, though brutally depressing, exercise in watching willful self-delusion in action.  Does anyone who seriously studies Earth Sciences believe that our physical environment will resemble the world we have come to love these past decades of our lives?

Drive over Wolf Creek Pass and notice the condition of the forest there — for a taste of future shock.  And it’s not just a local shock! Different, but similar, disruptions to age old eco-systems are occurring all over this nation and the planet.  We are on the threshold of a tough brave new world — but Republicans want to continue pretending that the average between 1990 and 2010 is what we can count on from here to eternity.  So rather than facing what professionals who study these things are warning us about, we rather believe salesmen who promise what we want the most: jobs and money.

Promises come so easy, but delivery is so difficult.

And, at what cost?  The Rio Grande River needs Alberta Park to remain an unmolested key component of the Wolf Creek watershed.  Not a plowed up mess left by another developer with big dreams, but cash-busted and gone home just the same.

Way too many people seem to have lost interest, right now, when this month and the comments that the Rio Grande National Forest receives have the real potential to finally settle and bury this developer’s pipedream.

But, your comments have only September 2012 to carry some legal weight!  After September 28 your voice goes back to hot air in the face of bureaucratic inertia.  Please give letter writing another try.  For more information and for a study-resource examining the many failures in the draft EIS, please visit my website.

Read more at the Pagosa Springs Daily News.

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